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Welcome to Regina Russell's Tea Room - In the psychic reading business since 1973.

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Our psychics are tested for accuracy and ability. We are now nationwide with our famous psychic phone readings.
1- 888- 655- 3456

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Regina Russells Psychic Readings
Psychic Advisor40 Franklin Street - Quincy, MA 02169 - Phone: 617-472-9606

Regina Russell's Psychic Reading Prices

Prices shown are subject to change without prior notice.

Per minute reading$3.50 per minute
10 Minute Special$30.00 for 10 minutes

Psychic Phone Number: 1-888-655-3456
Digital Aura Imaging

Cash        Retail
Aura Basic$28.00 - $29.12
Aura Full $48.00  Special  $36.00 - $37.44

Aura Basic includes your Aura image and color explanation chart only.
Aura Full includes a 20+ page report on your Aura and Chakra colors.

Tarot Cards or Regular Cards
Cash       Retail
15 Minutes$30.00 - $31.20
30 Minutes$44.00 - $45.76
15 Minute Combo$32.00 - $33.28
30 Minute Combo$48.00 - $49.92

"Combos" are Cards along with:
Your choice of Palm, Jewelry, Tea Leaves, Horoscope or Crystal Ball

Spirit Readings
Cash       Retail
15 Minute Spirit Reading$38.00 - $39.52
30 Minute Spirit Reading$66.00 - $68.64

(All spirit readings are done in private rooms, not in the main public area)
Private Card Readings
Cash       Retail
15 Minute private$32.00 - $33.28
15 Minute private Combo$34.00 - $35.36
30 Minute private$48.00 - $49.92
30 Minute private Combo$52.00 - $54.08
60 Minute private$88.00 - $91.52

You may record your private reading if you would like. Please
bring your own recorder as we no longer have recorders available.
You may also use the recorder built into your cell phone.
Astrology Charts

Charts require lengthy preparation, please call in advance.
(a 20% non-refundable deposit is required on all charts)
Cash       Retail
30 Minute Astrology Chart$52.00 - $054.08
60 Minute Astrology Chart$98.00 - $101.92
30 Minute Comparing 2 charts$110.00 - $114.40
30 Minute Comparing 3 charts$145.00 - $150.80

(All charts are done in private rooms, not in the main public area)
Past Life Reading
Cash       Retail
Past life reading (15 Minutes Private)$35.00 - $36.40
Past life regression (30 Minutes Private)$58.00 - $60.32
Home & Office Parties

We require a minimum of two readers for each home party.
We will not send a reader out alone under any circumstances.
A minimum of ten people is required at $40.00 per person.
(In an area within 15 miles from the Tea Room)
Beyond 15 miles is $45+ (Call for the rate)
Call us for office or corporate function rates.
Have a second reading of your choice and deduct $4.00

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