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Find your rising sign or check your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac.

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Taurus compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac
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Unfortunately, this is not the most accurate way of finding out what your rising sign is. There are other factors that have to be taken into consideration. A persons rising sign is determined by the sign of the Zodiac that was coming up over the eastern horizon at the exact moment of their birth. The rising sign will change approximately every two hours. The key word here is "approximately". Your birth sign is easy to find because it is determined by the position of the Sun at your time of birth, and the Sun takes one month to go through each sign of the Zodiac. On the other hand, the rising sign will change as the Earth rotates, and as we all know, the Earth makes a full rotation in a 24 hour period. Another problem we run into is the fact that the Earth is not perfectly round, thus changing the horizon itself depending on the longitude and latitude of the place of birth. It would be impossible for me to be exact as far as your rising sign is concerned without the knowledge of the exact time of birth and the longitude and latitude of the place of your birth. One way to get around this problem would be to have a personal birth chart made up. Another way would be to read the signs that are just before and just after your time of birth. This will cover a larger time span and eliminate some of the factors mentioned above. If you find that one of the signs matches your personality, there is a good chance that it is your rising sign.

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